SGIFF 2020 Call For Entry

Submissions are now closed. The festival returns from 26 November – 6 December 2020. 

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New Waves 2020

New Waves returns from 24 – 25 October 2020 with an extended programme of work from the broader Asian region. Tickets available on Peatix.

SGIFF will not be able to continue its mission without its generous supporters.  

Every contribution, no matter the amount, makes a difference in helping us become a platform for both established and aspiring filmmakers to showcase their films to an engaged audience.

Seeking volunteers who share our love for independent films and passion in fostering a vibrant film community.

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Film Immersion Programme continues to nurture media literacy and appreciation of the film medium and the creative process among our youths in Upper-Secondary, Post-Secondary, and Tertiary Institutions.

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Youth Jury & Critics Programme: Stories

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By Yap Cai Ni

The Mechanics of Taste: What Food Brings to the Table

Food, for many, is synonymous with the celebration of life and of living. Sweet, Salty, and Diary of Cattle both exemplify the opposite.

By Clement Yue

The Consequences of Intimacy

Everyone has heard of the butterfly effect. When a butterfly in Chicago flaps its wings, a tornado is formed in Tokyo. Whatever small actions we make, they leave a lasting impact on ourselves and the people around us. 

By Lee Sze Wei

Experimentations with Filmic Reality

Representations of reality on film can be seemingly realistic, or highly artificial and subjective, provoking differing levels of audience engagement with the images on-screen from the reductive to the metaphysical.